Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twain Harte Road Trip - Day 14 - Bakersfield, CA to Morgan Hill, CA


The two old buzzards made it home by noon on Day 14! This has been our longest Road Trip so far and it was a really nice combination of nature and glitz, of staying in one place for a while and taking day trips from a hub. And how much more of a contrast can you have one one trip than Twain Harte, California and Las Vegas, Nevada?

Our final day's journey was from Bakersfield, CA Morgan Hill and though we weren't tired of taking photos and videos, there just didn't seem that much of interest to record for posterity, though we suppose the Harris Ranch feed lots at Coalinga would be of interest if we could record in smellivision! I-5 is a pretty boring stretch of road. If we'd come across a bad accident.... well, you know, we are buzzards.

So it's back to watering and laundry and unpacking and mail. Must admit that we are taking it pretty slowly with lots of breaks to catch up on a backlog of recorded TV shows. And we are celebrating John's Route 66 birthday on Saturday. And again next weekend with our kids. So life is GOOD at The Buzzards' Roost.

We enjoyed having you with us on our road trip. Thanks for your comments. And, yes, we did make the whole trip without the distractions of TV or radio (and seldom an alarm clock). Newspapers and computers were allowed. We have a winner of the Mileage Madness contest and we think you will all be amazed at the results.

Linda is grateful for a safe trip to there and there and there and back. And for John's cousin Jerry who so graciously house sat for us. And for Jesus (his Mexican Restaurant - that's where Linda is treating John to his birthday dinner).

John is grateful for home. Also, for Jerry and for all of you, our fellow adventurers.

No photo gallery or video for today.

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