Sunday, June 30, 2013

Glacier National Park Road Trip - Day 01

The Two Old Buzzards (John and Linda) got off to a great start today on the beginning of their 2013 Road Trip to Glacier National Park. Along with their trusty schnauzer companion Fannie Mae, they pulled out of the Buzzard's Roost at 7:08 am on a day that promised to be another scorcher in the heat wave that parts of California have been experiencing. Yesterday it got to 104 degrees in Morgan Hill which is unusual. And we don't even have air conditioning. Definitely time to get outta Dodge Hill.

After a delicious breakfast at The Daily Bagel Cafe it was photo time for the start of an added element to this Road Trip – a photo scavenger hunt sponsored by the San Jose Mercury News. The three members of Team Buzzardbait were officially photographed in the Tennant Station parking lot.

Heading off on our Glarier Road Trip and are prepared to
enter the Mercury News Photo Scavenger Hunt! Team
Buzzardbait has a great chance!
Buzzard Number One is especially excited about another added element to this Road Trip. Buzzard Number Two suggested that she bring her ukelele. In various past Road Trips there has been a funny sign of the day, a travel quote of the day and  a quirky business of the day. On this trip we will be having SONG OF THE DAY, starting off with (naturally) On the Road Again by that good ole dope smokin', goat roapin', tax dodgin' Texas boy Willie Nelson. And yes, Linda did play it on her ukelele, just to make it official. It just happened to be in the Jumpin' Jim Ukelele Songbook that her AAUkeW Group uses.
We were on the freeway until we got off I-5 at 10:15 in Woodland for a rest stop and a Starbuck's skinny mocha. After that we were able to mostly stay on the back roads for the rest of the day. We saw fields and fields of sunflowers, lots of groves of walnuts, rice paddies and various close-to-the-ground veggie crops. It was a good reminder of how much of our country's food is produced in California's central valley.
Right at the stroke of 12 noon we pulled over under a large oak tree in Grimes, CA and enjoyed a pleasant tailgate lunch of rice cakes, nectarines, V8, Diet Dr. Pepper and a salty sweet bar. We were back on the road by 12:22.
We reached today's destination – Red Bluff, CA – by 2:40 and checked into our luxurious suite at Motel 6. A quite descriptive phrase would be “Out of the frying pan and into the fire”. The temperature in Red Bluff was 109 degrees and is expected to reach 114 the day after tomorrow. Thank goodness Wilma (our Honda Odyssey van) and our Motel 6 room both have excellent air conditioners.
Our "new" Garmin 3590 GPS unit is on its first road trip, though we've had it for several months. Besides lifetime map updates and traffic, you can get apps for it. We already had the Weather app. Today, John bought the Gas Price App ($9.95 for a year). Found gas within 1.5 miles at $3.76. Most stations nearby are $3.81 to $3.99. We are thinking this app will pay for itself just on this road trip.
We ate dinner at an Applebee's for the first time in many years and were both very pleased with our choices. Linda had shrimp, veggies and rice. John had sirloin steak with garlic herb shrimp, potatoes and veggies. Only 490 calories!

After dinner Linda and Fannie Mae found enough shade to have a nice walk.
We have decided to spend two nights in Red Bluff to give us more time to spend at Lassen National Park. Tomorrow morning, Linda and John are off to the park. We want to go on a three mile round trip trail (Bumpass Hell Trail) so Fannie Mae gets to stay in the cool room while we are gone for a few hours.

The photo gallery for Day 01 contains 24 photos and can be viewed by clicking here.