Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter with the Fery's

Had a wonderful Easter brunch with Jen, Tony, Isaac, Owen and Amber. Watched the grandkids have their Easter egg hunt and enjoyed a nice meal. The video below is a 66 image slideshow, mostly starring Isaac, Owen and Amber.

Fannie Mae stayed home, resting in her crate. She would have just been too tempted to help with the Easter egg hunt.

Our next road trip has been decided and is in the planning process. It will be toward the end of May 2011. We will be heading for Cloudcroft, NM to visit Kathy and Vernon Norris. Linda and Kathy have been friends since their childhood in Plainview, TX. We'll be making side trips to see the sights and take photos for you. A glib travelogue will also accompany us, along with Fannie Mae and John's CPAP machine (a new addition to our travels).

Hope you enjoy the slideshow!