Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Been Quiet in Lake.... no, that's not it!

Well, it has been kind of quiet... not to mention HOT! We've been doing some shopping for some office type of stuff... laminator and mat cutter. Tried doing that locally, but you just can't find the best choice of equipment and/or the best pricing, even including shipping.

We had fun going to University Art Supply up in San Jose to look for a cutting mat and drawing board with a parallel edge. John had found one (larger than we were looking for) on the internet at a good price. But, University Art had one (the right size) for 70% off, which made it about 1/2 of the internet one. So, we snagged that.

Last Friday we went to the Morgan Hill Rotary Club's annual "debunking" of the outgoing president. Some club members put on a skit that makes fun of some of the president's characteristics and mannerisms. It's kind of a roast. It was much fun, the food was good and the company was great.

Bikes are in the shop. Linda's to get a new basket and a carrier on the back with a "saddle bag". John's to fix a rear wheel problem. Turns out to be a second broken spoke. He is kind of heavy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Day for a Bike Ride

Buzzards #1 and #2 took off on a bike ride around 9:00am this morning while it was still cool and the wind was down. Usually the wind is from the north in the afternoon. That helps us on our way back home.

Stopped and had a nice cup of coffee and a bagel and got to visit with one another.

Unfortunately, our grand plan went awry as today the wind was blowing from the south, not the north, on the way home and we got to fight it almost all the way. John's knees are feeling the result! All in all, it was a nice ride for a total of 6.0 miles. Can't forget to go log it on Fitlinxx!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It Was a Very Nice Day

Poor Linda (Buzzard #1) has been waiting for such a long time for this to happen. A very long time ago in a galaxy far away.... oops! wrong show.... A very long time ago Linda bid on a hose hanger at some Rotary Club function's silent auction. She won! She has been patiently (and I mean patiently) waiting for John (Buzzard #2) to install the thing.

Well, retirement being here and all, John started feeling guilty. So it is now installed as you can see in the photo. But, John did manage to turn a 3 hour project into an 8 day project.

One of our favorite pasttimes is to sit in our yard swing that
we bought at Costco many years ago. It's sturdy, comfortable and in a location that is mostly in the shade all day long. What a great place for morning coffee and for reading a book. The outdoor smells in our yard are sweet and refreshing (thanks, Buzzard #1!). Maggie Mae enjoys the swing from time-to-time, especially if one of the humans there has some treats for her.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Old Buzzards First Blog Post

Well, here we go! We're off and running, out of the gate and we'll just see how this goes. It occurs to us that it might be easier and more "historical" (archive wise) to use a blog, rather than maintain a website.

When we update the website, we lose history. We don't have to do that with a blog. Soooo, we'll see how it goes.

John spent some time to try to make the blog look sort of like our web site. You can get to our most recent travelogue by clicking here.

And, if you just want to go directly to the Old Buzzard's Photo Galleries, you can click here.

John's tired now, so he's going to stop and try to wrap his head around this blog thing.