Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It Was a Very Nice Day

Poor Linda (Buzzard #1) has been waiting for such a long time for this to happen. A very long time ago in a galaxy far away.... oops! wrong show.... A very long time ago Linda bid on a hose hanger at some Rotary Club function's silent auction. She won! She has been patiently (and I mean patiently) waiting for John (Buzzard #2) to install the thing.

Well, retirement being here and all, John started feeling guilty. So it is now installed as you can see in the photo. But, John did manage to turn a 3 hour project into an 8 day project.

One of our favorite pasttimes is to sit in our yard swing that
we bought at Costco many years ago. It's sturdy, comfortable and in a location that is mostly in the shade all day long. What a great place for morning coffee and for reading a book. The outdoor smells in our yard are sweet and refreshing (thanks, Buzzard #1!). Maggie Mae enjoys the swing from time-to-time, especially if one of the humans there has some treats for her.

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