Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twain Harte Road Trip - Day 12 - Linda Hits New York New York in Vegas


The 2 old buzzards breakfasted in their Mardi Gras room on some road kill. Well, actually John had his leftover pancakes from last night's dinner at IHOP and some shredded wheat. Linda had Raw Bits Twang Twang.

Linda was ready to hit New York, New York so she loaded up with a bottle of frozen water and a few snacks to have later for lunch. John and Maggie let her out just past The Statue of Liberty. She figures that may be as close as she ever gets to seeing the real one in New York. The heat did not start out as bad as yesterday. It was less than 100 at 10am.

Inside the New York, New York Casino Linda had a good time seeing the sights and shopping. She found a dollar store or rather a TEN dollar store that was a lot of fun. She got a glass wine stopper in the shape of a mermaid. Now, I ask you, how many of you are lucky enough to own one of those? She also got a purple bracelet with glitzy polka dots. She hasn't yet showed them to John.

Once Linda got outside again she noticed a walkway leading to a colorful place with turrets and fanciful shapes. After shooting a few photos she got on the walkway to take a closer look. It was only after getting on the walkway that she realized it only went one way electrically. To get out again you have to walk on your own power. Soon she was inside The Excalibur which was very ornate with statues and stained glass windows. She got sucked in by a booth where you can try to win a prize by having the court jester guess your weight (within 5 lbs or so) your age (within 2 or 3 years) or your birth month (within 2 or 3 months). She decided to choose age so the court jester wrote down her guess. When Linda reported that her age was 66 the court jester showed that she had written 50 on her paper. Whee! That surely made Linda's day (even if it was a scam). Now it was time to choose a prize which was pretty easy. She chose a pointed red hat with a veil. A Red Hatter just can't have TOO many red hats. Then the court jester let Linda get on the scales so she could see how much weight she has gained on this road trip. It looked like she weighs the same but her clothes have gotten a lot heavier. Next Linda heard a rumor that there was a Whack A Mole game downstairs so she went to check it out. Alas, it was out of order but she did play a Sponge Bob game and threw some darts. At Sponge Bob she won a hat charm and at the darts she hit 2 out of 2 balloons and won 2 large fabric roses.

Time for some fresh air again since the smoke from the casino seemed to be drifting downstairs. Linda walked back to New York, New York and found something she had not seen before or since in this town - a park bench. And it was in the shade and empty. She told John yesterday that Las Vegas must only want people to sit down when they are at the slot machines or gambling tables or restaurants because, other than some very narrow seats in the main lobby of The Bellagio she did not see any places to sit down. Anyway, the bench was a welcome sight and Linda had her cheese sticks, pistachios, granola bar and cold water. Then it was decision time. She could either journey down the road to the Luxor and Mandalay Bay or go across the street to MGM Grand where she knew there was a place to get on the monorail to go back "home". She decided on MGM and enjoyed exploring a lot of it while searching for the monorail station. The monorail was great and dumped Linda out at the Las Vegas Convention Center which is fairly near The Mardi Gras Best Western. It was the second time Linda had been on a monorail. The first time was 48 years ago at the World's Fair in Seattle.

This evening the buzzards had tickets to see ventriloquist/impersonator Terry Fator at The Mirage. We had been big fans of his when he was on America's Got Talent and were happy to see him win the $1 million prize a few years ago. He has really done well for himself. Pretty sure his contract in Las Vegas is for $100 million. Don't know the time frame. The Mirage has built him his own theater. The show was really great. He really talks right to the audience a lot and is very sincere. And you know what George Burns said “If you can fake sincerity, you've got it made!” But Terry Fator does seem to be a down to earth really nice guy. After John scolded Linda for taking a flash picture inside the theater (before the show started) because all these shows have signs...no photos allowed and no recording allowed. When Terry Fator first got on stage he said shoot all the flash photos you want becuase it doesn't bother he or the band. And, shoot video of your favorite characters, but don't try to video the whole show or the ushers whill stop you. How rare is that opportunity?

Another thing that impressed us was that he asked all the people in the audience who are currently serving, or have previously served in the military to stand up and be applauded. Then he sang the Michael Buble song, "Home". And, yes, he really can sing all by himself and, yes, he sounded like Michael Buble. He has a great singing voice. What continues to amaze John is that Fator can do a great impersonation of say, Garth Brooks, but does it as a ventriloquist. Imagine singing "I've Got Friends in Low Places", sounding like Garth Brooks and NOT moving your lips. But then, John is easily amazed!

Tomorrow we head out of here to cooler climes. It got to 106 degrees today.

Linda is thankful for frozen yogert, brazil nuts and flashlight buttons. John is thankful for barstools, Quarter Pounders with cheese and ice cold milk.

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Linda's point and shoot video can be viewed by clicking here.

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