Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Twain Harte Road Trip - Day 06

After breakfasting, the buzzards made a short flight into downtown Twain Harte for coffee to go at the Little Cottage Cafe and brought it back to the hideaway to enjoy out on the front porch in the comfortable sort of Adorondike style chairs. They relaxed and enjoyed the sounds of the birds and the occasional whack of a golf ball hitting a redwood tree. The hills are still green here and the poppies (our state flower) are blooming their little hearts out.

Around noon it was off to Sonora for some antique store shopping for Linda and some bench testing by John. Linda had good luck in the very first store - found 2 things on her bucket list (one was a bucket) and a couple of birthday presents for John who will be catching up to Linda in age late next week. After a couple of more stores John spotted a combination soda fountain, book and antique store called Legends. As we entered there was a definite smell of mildew which Linda figured came from so many old books that were for sale throughout the place, starting out on the sidewalk. The very long bar had beautiful woodwork and lighting. Linda had a wild berry sorbet and John had praline pecan. Afterwards John headed back to his bench outside and Linda went downstairs to see what treasures might await her there. As she descended the stairs there was a definite sound of running water. She soon saw a waterfall coming out of the wall of what was previously a gold mine. No wonder there was the smell of mildew! There was mining equipment for sale and walls and walls of books. A very interesting place. Apparently there were gold mines under much of what is now downtown Sonora. We have been to Sonora many times but had never been downstairs to see the remains of an old mine.

At her next stop Linda made another exciting (for her) discovery - a new ukelele store which is now inside of her favorite music and teacher supply store, Sonora Music. That's the most ukeleles she had ever seen in one place so she had to take some photos of the wide variety available. Apparently there is a local ukelele diva who started the store and gives lessons and has a ukelele band. Linda got one of their CDs but has not listened to it yet.

After finding a pudding rock and a very wide brimmed pink hat, Linda was willing to leave some treasures for other people to discover.

And, at just past 3:30pm, it was time for the Earlybird Special to start at Gus' Steak House, located on the outskirts of Sonora. We had heard rave reviews of it from a friend who had property in the area. Gus did not disappoint. The waitress brought us water and took our drink orders. She came back with them and also with yeasty warm French bread and a little warm container of cheese fondue. It brought back memories of Digger Dan's in Gilroy. From 3-7pm they have a two for $19.95 special. It has a really wide selection. John got tri-tip steaknand Linda got salmon. As we were leaving we couldn't help but notice that the bar area has one wall completely devoted to Oakland Raider fandom. You would think that they would all be 49er fans in Gold Country! I guess there are rebels everywhere. The buzzards were able to get the ingredient list for the delicious fondue: 3 kinds of grated cheese (Swiss, cheddar and Monterey jack) and beer (Linda had thought it was white wine).

Around quarter 'til six we went to the library to use their reliable wi-fi so John could upload the video for Day 03. Videos are huge files and trying to upload one on a unreliable wi-fi connection is not advisable. Still, it took about half hour. We sat outside the library (closed) in Wilma (our van) and read the Union Democrat newspaper.

As much of a geek as he is, John is still in awe of the digital image revolution and progress. Being able to take images and video, and on the same day, put them up on the internet and share them with others just seems incredible. Both buzzards have been trying to recall the name of the fast photo place that used to have drive-through kiosks in shopping center parking lots. You still had to wait for your photos or movies. Today John remembered..... PhotoMat.

Linda is thankful for the color purple, silly socks and the smell of mountain air. John is thankful for wifi at the library (wishes it was closer), for digital cameras and video and for the many friends with whom we get to share our adventures.

And, today's photo gallery can be viewed by clicking here.

There will not be any video posting for this day.

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  1. I've enjoyed every day of your trip! It's great to experience the trip with you via words and pics and videos! You two do a great job...what team work!!!