Sunday, June 6, 2010

Twain Harte Road Trip - Day 10 - Beatty, NV to Las Vegas, NV and "Love"


The two old buzzards stayed at the Atomic Inn in Beatty, CA last night and slept well thanks to a great air conditioner and a pleasant room. If you would like to learn more about this weirdly themed inn you can click here. When we went into the lobby this morning we were expecting to have a complimentary breakfast since Linda had noticed 2 coffee dispensers and a counter with a tray and tongs the evening before. We got our caf and dekaf coffee and were greeted by the owner who was in town from Reno. There were 2 slices of orange out on the tray and 2 tiny donuts by the tongs. Linda had the orange slices and John declined any food. The owner fit right in with the theme. The counter and walls were all green, his shirt and hat were green (all the SAME green). Look for his photo in today's photo gallery. He was very interesting and gave us some scuttlebutt about Beatty. John asked about the big casino sign outside of town that says El Sueno. An owner of 3 other motels and casinos in town had a brainstorm that he would build a casino to cater to Spanish speaking clientele. But with the change in the economy and his violating ordinances like Irv Perlitch, all that ever got built was the big sign. It's turned on as you can tell from today's photo gallery.... but nobody's home. Though it is a nice gesture to list all the kids names who graduated from Beatty High this year.

As we were leaving the office to go get some "real" breakfast John said to Linda "Nice hat - that's your compliment" (as in complimentary breakfast - hah!). So we breakfasted at La Ensenada just down the street. Linda had V8 and John had the 2X2X2X2 (two eggs, two pieces bacon, two sausages, two pancakes). Even he couldn't eat all of his pancakes! We rolled out of Beatty at about 10:40.

The drive to Las Vegas was highlighted by a stop near Area 51 to get ice cream. It sounded good in the 100 degree weather. Alas, the western-themed gas and ice cream place was closed. So we went across Hwy 95 and made do with iced coffee for John and green tea ginger ale for Linda. This gas station had an alien theme (like our motel) with floating green and purple aliens inside. There were also lots of alien t-shirts, etc for sale. Next door was a REAL fireworks store. M800's for sale. John wasn't allowed! Just like he's not allowed to stop in Pahrump.

Cooled off considerably, we proceeded to drive through the Amargosa Desert. There was a wide variety of plants - creosote and yuccas and some wildflowers still blooming since they had a pretty wet winter for the desert - 8 inches of rain instead of 4.

We rolled into Las Vegas at 12:45 and found our hotel with no problem. This place was recommended to us by a dear friend in Morgan Hill. She has really done her research since she is here about once a year for a convention. The rates are very reasonable, the room is spacious, well air-conditioned, they are pet friendly and their WIFI is great. Also it's just over a mile from the Mirage where we're seeing two shows. Thanks, G6K!

John finished editing, converting and uploading the video from Day 07. You read what it's about in the Day 07 travelogue and you've seen the photos. Now you get to watch the video! It's just over 21 minutes long, but it's really worth watching... we think... but, what else would we think?

We made our way over to The Mirage and picked up our tickets for the Cirque du Soliel show "Love" and then went to a The Carnegie Deli there in the casino for a quick bite to eat. Linda ordered the Salmon Enchanted Evening (a salmon salad) and John ordered a pastrami sandwich. The waiter brought Linda a small sample of the salmon salad to try to make sure she would like it. She quickly decided to have a bowl of borscht. John's sandwich was piled high with great pastrami.

Then it was off through the milling crowds to the theater where both of the old buzzards thoroughly enjoyed the show. Unlike most of the other Cirque shows, this one is performed only in Las Vegas. Though there are lots of acrobatics in the show, it's really a musical. We had watched a 90 minute PBS documentary about the concept and staging of the show which is what pushed us to come to Vegas to see it. We're not here because we like 111 degree temperatures. But we both liked the show so much we agreed that it was worth putting up with some of this hellacious heat.

Linda is thankful for 7-11s, night lights and bagel chips. John is thankful that Linda got an ice cream at 7-11, that he didn't buy and M800s and all music by the Beatles!

Today's photo gallery is on seven pictures. But you can see them by clicking here.

We didn't shoot any video at all today, so there won't be a video for Day 10.

Rest well fellow travelers!

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