Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twins and such.....

Let's see, on Monday we went the MHCRC. John swam and Linda attended a fitness class. We had our $2.50 lunch at the Senior Cafe then went to our Portrait Photography class and learned more. This time we learned techniques for lighting a subject evenly without using flash or artifical lights. Of course, this is for doing portraits outdoors, indoor by a window or with household lighting.

Tuesday evening Linda attended a local book group. She had been attending one with Jennifer up in Willow Glen. Of course, Jennifer has a bit of a problem attending at the moment, what with the new arrivals. She enjoyed it and really likes that they pick their book three months ahead instead of one month.

Speaking of portraits, Jen & Family dropped Isaac off while Jen and Tony went to look at proofs of portraits taken of the twins by Rebecca of Portraits by Rebecca right here in Morgan Hill. Rebecca also took Jen's "preggy" picture's. When they got back we all had a nice dinner together.

John has started going through our new music "Fake Book" which has 1,200 songs in it. All with lyrics (if applicable) and chord names. Just his kind of musical notation. So, he as really been exercising "Clarence". That's the name he has given to our new Clavinova. It's major fun for him.

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