Monday, August 10, 2009

Out with the Old... In with the New....

No, Linda and John are keeping each other! The title refers to John selling off his vintage keyboards and most all of this shop power tools to raise money for a new Yamaha Clavinova. This thing is some kind of instrument! Fully-weighted wooden piano keys and a sampled piano that is from a Yamaha 12 foot grand piano. The sample includes the felt hammers dropping after hitting a note and even the resonance of strings adjacent to the string being struck.

It also is a "player" piano, has hundreds of non-piano voices, and over 400 styles (ballad, swing, jazz, country, etc) that you can play along with. This is great for John, who is a one- or two-note melody kind of guy, but knows how to form chords with the left hand. And, would you believe it connects to the internet? John even managed to have it be a wireless connection.

And, the Clavinova is perfect for Linda, who really enjoys playing an actual piano. After she heard it, she said we could sell our upright player piano. Let us know if you're in the market.

What else is new? Well, I didn't find a posting yet our our two new twin grand-babies, Owen Vander Fery and Amber Lynn Fery. They were born July 16th at Good Sam. Linda just recently returned from being "loaned out" to help Jennifer and Tony with acclimating. One of her main jobs was to keep Isaac, their two year old, occupied. Isaac just has no idea how much his life has changed!

We are now enjoying a portrait photography class being held at the Morgan Hill Recreation Center (MHCRC) and put on by the Osher Institute out of San Jose State. This is a three session Monday afternoon class. We've had our first session and are going to the second session right after we have our lunch at the Senior Cafe here at the Senior Center at the MHCRC.

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