Monday, August 31, 2009

Maggie Mae and John Left Alone

Linda's off on her second mission of mercy helping Jennifer with the three kiddos. Tony had to go out of town on business, so Linda is helping from Sunday evening through late Wednesday.

So, what're John and Maggie going to be up to during Linda's absence. First plans were to go to the Bellagio in Vegas for three days. Sadly, they are hosting a kitty cat convention and dogs aren't welcome this week. So, they'll just stay at home. They like to use the swing in the back yard early mornings and late evenings. John can do some mat cutting and framing for the upcoming gallery show at the MHCRC (Morgan Hill Centennial Recreation Center). He wants to be ready in case his two entries get picked.

John will also work on going through the rest of the 1,200 songs in the fake book (he just started on the "T's") and getting styles set up for them and memorized on the Clavinova. What a fun instrument! So far, he has about 150 songs memorized (in the Clavinova's brain, not his!), each with its own selected style. All the way from "America the Beautiful", through "House of the Rising Sun" to (so far) "The Third Man Theme".

Lunch today sounds like a can of tuna and some cheddar cheese. Or, maybe some "bottom" Ramen! The Honey Toasted Cheerios and peanut butter on toast were especially good this morning. Also, John got to finish watching the last of the Little Leage World Series Championshp between Chinese Taipei (PC term for "Taiwan") and Chula Vista, CA. Inquire, or look online for the results.

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