Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Next Road Trip Plans Underway

This is a photo that John took of a small, orchid-like flower with his new macro converter. The actual flower is only 1-1/4" tall. It seems he is preparing for our next road trip and finalizing our photo equipment. You can see other macro photos John took by going to his flickr photostream at

We're heading back north on our next road trip. We're first going to spend a couple of days visiting our son, Jay, in Petaluma. Then, we are headed for the northern California coast. We'll be going up Highway 1 at least to Eureka / Arcata and probably on up into Oregon. This road trip will be a little more "loose" than the Washington trip in terms of flexibility.

For the last part of our portrait class, we went to the Farmer's Market and local Morgan Hill Street Fair. John had just received his 1.75x teleconverter for his camera. Now he can take portraits (or sneaky pictures) from a distance. As we were walking through the Street Fair, he saw a young girl carrying her Dalmatian on her back. It was just too cool of a shot to miss. He hasn't put any of the rest up on his flickr photostream as yet.

On the upcoming road trip, we are going to do an experiment. We are going to use our blog for the running commentary and provide links within the blog to the daily photo galleries. It'll be much like it was before, only different!

Linda gets to spend Sunday through Tuesday night at Jennifer's helping her with the three kids. Tony is going to be out of town on a business trip. She'll enjoy spending more time with the new twins!

We are both very much enjoying the Clavinova.

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  1. Re: your road trip. I recommend heading to highway 1 via highway 128 (from the 101 at Cloverdale). There are two reasons for this. First, the 128 takes you along the Navarro River, one of the prettiest drives I can think of. Second, the trip from 128 to the 101 (where the 1 terminates in Leggett) is plenty of highway 1. Any more than that is a bit too much (for me anyway).

    While on the way to Arcata, consider stopping by the Victorian Village of Ferndale. It's a bit reminiscent of Sonora/Twain Harte but in a different setting. And if it's open, the Kinetic Sculpture Museum there is pretty cool (There are also some neat letterboxes in the cemetery.)

    One must-visit place in the area is the Los Bagels Bakery and Cafe. There are locations in both Arcata and Eureka. For Mom I recommend the veggie delight (or the hummus veggie delight if she prefers that to cream cheese). For dad, the smoked salmon with cream cheese and red onion. Both of these MUST be ordered with Larrupin' mustard dill sauce. (And if you could pick me up a jar or two of said sauce I would be in your debt).