Friday, July 12, 2013

Glacier National Park Road Trip - Day 13

The Old Buzzards decided to do something different today which was to NOT go into Glacier National Park. They've been passing by lots of interesting-looking “stuff” on their way to and from the park for the last four days so this day was devoted to going in and out of several places. You will see some of the sights we saw – the old, the remember these? and the oh, my goodness! – in our photo gallery when we get around to creating the one for today. Thank you for your patience!

The SONG O' THE DAY is “Don't Worry, Be Happy” by Bobbie McFerrin (1988) from page 70-71 of The Daily Ukelele (compiled and arranged by Jim Beloff). You may not have thought of McFerren in years but his song is one of those ear worms that can stay with you for days, and, with its cheery message, that's not all bad. Linda was very merry that it only has three chords so she could concentrate on switching around among whistling, singing, talking humming, strumming and chording. It could be the theme for this whole road trip or for life, if one were able to somehow pack up all their cares and woes, singin' low, oops, slipped into another song. Here's just a Bit o' Honey from McFerrin to get your ear worm tuned up: (Whistle then sing) “Here's a little song I wrote, you might want to sing it note for note, don't worry, be happy. In every life we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double. Don't worry, be happy.” (Talk, hum, sing). “Don't worry be happy now.” Spoken: “Here, I give you my phone number. When you worry, call me, I make you happy”, etc . . . 

Chain saw art is big in Montana but the old buzzards saw designs they never could have imagined by an artist named David at his place along the highway. It was hard to resist all the trolls, bears, Bigfoot(s?), moose, eagles, mushrooms, benches and trees carved out of cedar and pine but their sizes and prices made resistance a little stronger. Linda only adopted two pieces who are following her home.

Here's an image of someone with their head up their butt
and a nice chainsaw carving as well!

The Eagle's Roost Antiques was much larger than it appeared from the outside. Linda was fascinated by a sofa and  easy chair made of elk antlers. John referred to them as "a liability waiting to happen". Though he thought they were really neat. Another place, Station Number Eight was actually a train depot in Columbia Falls, MT. It is now The Shops at Station 8, where John found a metal yellow bird house he just knew Linda would love. He was correct. It will have a special place in her Secret Garden. At the last antique/junk place where we stopped, the owners had adopted a miniature schnauzer. Didn't have time for Fannie to make friends with "Missy", but here she is....

Missy the Mini-Schnauzer

Now a history lesson: The severe 1900-01 winter left two freight horses lost and starving in the rugged Flathead River wilderness. Found a month later, their owners nursed them back to health. “Hungry Horse” became the name of a nearby mountain and creek and, later, a Reclamation project. At the small community of Hungry Horse, a turn off takes you to Hungry Horse Dam and Lake. The dam enables the reservoir to capture spring runoff to reduce flood damage in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. It also provides recreation and electricity. Hungry Horse Reservoir has even more shoreline than the Dworshak Reservoir we visited near Orofino, ID.

After stopping at the fruit stand near the Dew Drop Inn (can you say 'cliche'?) where the huckleberries were frozen and the prices were humongous, the old buzzards made a U-turn and stopped for lunch at Willows Huckland, near Columbia Falls. John had a slice of huckleberry pie and Linda had a bear poop milkshake (huckleberries and chocolate). Bear poop was actually very good. Whoda thunkit?

The agenda then called for filling Wilma with gas and get the cooler equipped with a fresh block of ice.

Back at the Cheap Sleep, John spent some of the afternoon processing photos. Linda is pretty sure he's taken up sewing. He has taken several panoramas at the park and says he is "stitching" them together with the magic of PhotoShop and LightRoom.

The Pin and Cue Bowling Alley down the street has a restaurant of some fame so it was chosen for dinner. John had salad and hamburger steak with grilled onions and baked potato. Linda had a veggie salad with toasted sesame dressing and salsa. The service and food were both a strike (NOT strike out). The restaurant is on one end of the bowling alley and the Rock and Bowl lounge is on the other end.

So ends July 12, 2013, Day 13 on this Road Trip. It is almost half over and the Two Old Buzzards have packed a lot into those 13 days. It has been great fun and there are even more adventures and photos to follow . . .

The photo backlog has been reduced and you can view the 66 images in today's photo gallery by clicking here.

Happy trails!

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