Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Glacier National Park Road Trip - Day 03

We left Red Bluff CA at 7:27 am and headed north to Oregon. The temperature was already 83 so it looks as if they are in for another very hot day. Our first stop was 3 exits north on I-5 to grab a coffee from Starbucks.

Between Redding and Burney on State Highway 299 John spotted Buzzard Roost Road so naturally the Two Old Buzzards had to check it out.  

Out in the middle of nowhere, John first spotted this
road on our Garmin GPS system, then we actually
came upon it and explored a little

We saw a sign at a Red Barn convenience store along the highway in Adin, CA that said “Hotter than the Devil's Shorts”. Neither one of us had ever heard that expression before.

As we passed through Adin, CA we came
upon this sign in front of a "we sell
pretty much everything" store
We stopped right at 12 noon in Alturas, CA to find a community park. John had Linda go into a Quizno's to inquire. The teen employee said there were no parks. However, as we drove towards the Chamber of Commerce to inquire further, Linda spotted a very nice park right off Main Street. There were even shaded picnic tables. Lunch was turkey sandwich, boiled egg, cheese stick, tato chips, Dr. Pepper and V8. Most satisfying!

There was very little traffic and lots of beautiful scenery. It varied from mountains and forest to flat fields with various crops in progress. Linda occasionally (her word....John would use "often") serenaded John and Fannie Mae on her ukelele and is now on the songs starting with the letter C. Her Jumpin' Jim Daily Ukelele is alphabetical starting with “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” and going all the way to “Zip A Dee Doo Dah”. The Song o' the Day for today is an oldie but goodie: “The Best Things in Life Are Free” from 1927 by BG DeSilva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson. Here's the words so you can see if you agree: “The moon belongs to everyone, the best things in life are free. The stars belong to everyone, they gleam there for you and me. The flowers in spring, the robins that sing, the sunbeams that shine, they're yours and they're mine. And love can come to everyone, the best things in life are free”. Or, as someone else once opined, “The best things in life aren't things!”

We crossed into Oregon at around 2:45 pm and by 3:00 had found a very nice Interstate 8 Motel in Lakeview, Oregon. Lakeview is on the north end of Moose Lake. From all appearances coming up from the south, Moose Lake is pretty dry. Tonight we rest at about 4,700 feet....ten times more elevated than last night!

Linda often describes our home as being in Northern California but since it has taken us from Sunday to Tuesday to get to Oregon she now realizes that the Bay Area south of San Francisco, San Jose would be a more accurate description. Whatever, it was a very good day of what we sometimes call our NO RESERVATIONS Road Trip. On all previous road trips since 2009, we have made reservations for all our lodging. This time we decided to pay homage to Anthony Bourdain and be more casual about our itinerary. We do have reservations for our time in Glacier but, other than that, NO RESERVATIONS!

Scavenger Hunt News: We made photos of two, possibly three, items on our hunt list. It was a good day. 

We had dinner at The Dinner Bell, recommended by the motel manager, and it was excellent. Linda got coleslaw and a pastie which was a flaky crust filled with beef, carrots, potatoes and rutabagas. She has leftovers for her lunch tomorrow. John got hamburger steak with mushroom gravy, corn and bread.

A neon sign is one item on our photo scavenger hunt. Our plan was go to downtown Lakeview to the Alger Theater and take a picture of their neon marquee after dark. Alas, it wasn't lit up! And, on top of that, it started to rain!

It'll be interesting to see what tomorrow's drive to Prineville, OR holds in store for the Two Old Buzzards.

The photo gallery for Day 03 contains 38 photos and can be viewed by clicking here.

Happy trails!

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  1. Heck, you coulda rested a spell at Luke & Amy's. Isaac would love to meet Fannie Mae! Safe travels my friends. Enjoy and only post as often as you wish as you need to truly enjoy the experiences along the way. So happy for you being "on the road again." Bwaack and I will save you a spot for tea upon your return.