Sunday, July 7, 2013

Glacier National Park Road Trip - Day 08

It was luxurious getting to take our time this morning since we are not going to pack up and get on the road again until tomorrow. We went to IHOP for breakfast. John had what he calls a real breakfast: eggs, bacon, pancakes, hashbrowns and coffee. Linda had grapefruit juice and crepes topped with fresh fruit, granola and yogurt.

We came back and got Fannie from the room and took her with us to Caras Park where we had a mission in mind. One of the items on our Mercury Newspaper Photo Scavenger Hunt is a merry go round. Linda got to ride for 75 cents – the senior rate - and had a great time. John, not so much. He was holding Fannie by her leash and trying to get a photo and video while the carousel was moving and Fannie was barking. That was the speediest Carousel that Linda had ever been on.

Watch Linda come around twice on the Missoula Carousel

There was a green dragon that held out rings (one at a time) that you could try to grab as it sped by. The teenage boy on the horse in front of Linda collected a handful while Linda did not even manage to get one. For each ride there is one brass ring in among the colored ones. If you get the brass ring you get $1,199.00. Well, not really. You get a free ride on the Carousel. And bragging rights!

A Farmer's Market was also being held at the park so The Old Buzzards circled the outskirts since dogs were not welcome. They did score another scavenger hunt photo. A guy was singing and playing his guitar to raise money to get to Kalispell, MT. Street performer is one of the 20 items on the list. So now he is $1 further up the road.

Next we went to Happy Days car wash since Wilma badly needed a bath. She now looks much more kempt. Down the street we found an Albertson's where we got peaches, nectarines, grapes and a block of ice. After gassing up at Costco we headed “home” for lunch. Linda had her leftover broiled catfish and corn muffins in addition to some delicious fresh fruit and nut goodies. John had cheese sticks, nut goodies, cherry vanilla Drpur (Linda-speak for "Dr. Pepper"), a nectarine, a plum and grapes.

While out and about in Idaho and Montana Linda has noticed that the phrase “second hand” is used much more than “thrift store” or “resale shop” and there are certainly lots of second hand stores in this part of the countryside. So, for our Song o' the Day, she skipped ahead in her Daily Ukelele Songbook to page 203 for “Second Hand Rose” by Grant Clark and James Handy. Lyricists really have to stretch sometimes to get their rhyme in place. In the second verse Clark rhymes “don 'em” with “on 'em” as in “. . . even my pajamas when I don 'em have somebody else's initials on 'em”. Linda is making progress through the alphabetically-arranged tunes and will resume tomorrow with songs that begin with the letter J.

After lunch we three stayed in our room to do a little photo processing, blog writing and just chillaxing.

Dinner was at McKenzie River Pizza in Downtown Missoula. John had a meat combo pizza (The Rancher) and Linda had the Sierra (pine nuts, pesto sauce, artichokes and tomatoes on a wheaty crust). Both of us got a small pizza and have at least 1/2 left over for lunch tomorrow.

And so ends another lovely day on the road. But not too fast. It stays light really late here. Last night at 9:30 it seemed more like 7:30 outside.

Today's photo gallery has only 10 images and can be viewed by clicking here.

Happy trails!

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