Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 08 - Mayhill, NM

On Sunday, May 29 which was the actual day of our anniversary, we were still in Mayhill, New Mexico visiting with Kathy and Vernon. For breakfast we had cereal and toast and homemade blueberry jam from Kathy's daughter Dana, who lives in Arkansas.

While Vernon and Kathy and Linda went to Sunday school and church, John volunteered to guard the house and dog sit Fannie Mae and Gizzzmo. Kathy and Vernon have quickly gotten involved in their new church home. Vernon was the Sunday school teacher for our class and the lesson of the day was about forgiveness, something everybody needs to think about at times. Kathy almost got Linda tickled during Sunday school class but Linda resisted the temptation to answer the note that Kathy wrote her in the margin of the Sunday school lesson.
They both used to have a problem with bloody fingers when they were younger (they would press their fingernails into their fingers to try to keep from laughing out loud during services).

After Sunday school it was time for church in the beautiful sanctuary. There is an open window at the front which looks out onto a peaceful, almost reverent, setting of pine trees. Vernon is the song director and the music was great.

After church Vernon and Kathy showed Linda just how close the Mayhill fire had come to their church it was within about 200 yards. If it had leapt across the highway the damage would have been much greater. As it was over 32,000 acres burned and three houses were destroyed. As it turned out, all three houses belonged to the same lady but she seems to have a good attitude about her loss and is coping just fine. At least no human lives were lost. There were some cows and horses who died. Linda prepared a letterbox to plant somewhere in Mayhill and the theme of the letterbox is about the Mayhill fire. It started on May 9 and it was much later in May before it was contained. Kathy and Vernon helped Linda pick a place to plant her letterbox and it was the first letterbox to be planted in Mayhill. For letterbox info go to

We met John for lunch at the Mayhill Café Hotel and Feed store. They have great food and everybody except Vernon chose something with a Mexican food theme.

After we got home it was time for anniversary presents. Linda's present to John was a bag of pistachios in a cute burlap container. Also two hearts that she had found at the Apple barn once said "We've only just begun" and the other one said "Here's my heart". John's present to Linda was a Kindle reader with a book of love poems on it. John already had a Kindle so now they will be able to share books back and forth. We had a simple dinner of fruit and chili and chips. We started packing up to leave the next day.

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Fannie and Gizzmo Playing
Fannie and Her Twig
Fannie and Gizzmo Playing on the Deck
A Brief Look at the Results of the Mayhill Forest Fire

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