Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day with Jay and Danielle

Jay had made reservations for the Mothers' Day Brunch at the Sheraton. Jay and Danielle came over at 10:00am and we were seated right away in the restaurant.

Jay, Danielle and Linda had the brunch buffet and John had eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and English muffin. The breakfast was good! It was really nice to spend more time with Jay and Danielle. Just the week before they had returned from a week's vacation on the east coast where they rode trains and went to lots of baseball games. They had a great time, but had to work on the chili cookoff when they got back. It had been a hectic week for them.

Linda got lots of nice Mothers' Day presents from both Jay and Danielle. We had about 1/2 hour before checkout, so we took them to our room so Danielle could meet Fannie Mae. Danielle's a good dog trainer and didn't let Fannie boss her around. She had also given Fannie a present for Mothers' Day. It was a bag of dog treats which Danielle referred to as "crack for dogs". Must admit, Fannie Mae seemed to really like them.

We left at noon, our appointed checkout time, said our "goodbyes" and headed back to Morgan Hill. The drive was very nice....UNTIL we got close to Berkeley. Have we ever said how much we hate that stretch of road?

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