Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 05 - Mayhill, NM

The next morning after arriving in Mayhill, New Mexico we got up and had coffee with Vernon and Kathy. Then Kathy started preparing a dish to take to their Bible Study Group. John stayed home to watch Fannie Mae and Gizzmo while Kathy, Vernon and Linda went to Bible study at the home of a member of their church. The devotional for the day was Come to the Table. That seemed especially appropriate for this church being that they hardly have any events where they do not all arrive with a covered dish. It was a lovely group of people and Linda really enjoyed getting to meet some of Kathy and Vernon's new friends.

After Bible study was over Vernon, Kathy and Linda returned home where John gave good reports on our furry children. After that we relaxed at their lovely home, often out on the veranda with a cool drink of water or lemonade.

That afternoon Linda started preparing dinner. She had brought ingredients to make white chile using the recipe that Jay gave her from his company's chili cook off entry in the Petaluma Chili Cook Off earlier this month. The chili features BBQ chicken which is most appropriate since Jay works at Petaluma poultry. It is an award winning chili. They got first place in the chili cook off. And it was a big hit that night in Mayhill. If you are interested just let Linda know and she will be more than happy to share the recipe. Kathy provided desserts which were chocolate dollops on a little crust with whipped cream on top. It was just the right amount. And it was a nice end to a wonderful day.

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  1. Young folks, old folks, everybody come
    Come and join our Sunday school
    Make yourself at home
    Please to check your chewing gum and razors at the door
    And you'll hear some Bible stories like you never heard before

    Adam was a garderner and Eve she was his spouse
    They got the sack for stealing food and went to keeping house
    They lived a very quiet life and peaceful, in the main
    Until they had a baby then they started raising Cain