Saturday, October 23, 2010

Utah Road Trip - Day 18

“Wherever I lay my hat (that's my home)” wrote (and sang) Marvin Gaye in 1962. Time for the Two Old Buzzards and their Fannie to get back to Morgan Hill.

Started the day at a Mexican Restaurant that is inside Barstow Quality Inn: Egg Tacos for Buzzard #2 and Granola Enchiladas for Buzzard #1. Just joshing - John and eggs, bacon & OJ. Linda had fruit bowl, yogert, granola and carrot juice. John drove to breakfast in Linda's pink hat. Fannie took the first lap driving as we started home to Morgan Hill. Did we mention that she's an excellent driver? Wilma's GPS showed 352 miles and 5 hours and 16 minutes to go. We left at approximately 8:36.

Linda took over driving as we went through the Mojave Desert with 262 miles to go at 9:55. We went past Tehachapi (Land of 4 Seasons) where we got some Starbucks and took a potty break. Soon we were in the land of grapes, orchards and cotton. The grapes were covered with wide strips of white plastic. A sign informed us that it was Sun World and that the grapes were for Safeway.

John took the wheel with 175 miles to go. Linda drove again with 106 miles to go. Outside Gustine we stopped at a fruit stand to get some trail mix. Found some tequila almonds for Cuz Jerry. John then drove the last 47 miles. As we passed by San Luis Reservoir I was reminded of the first time we all saw this part of California on our way to our new Morgan Hill home in April 1979. It's always good to get home.

We hope you enjoyed “traveling” along with us to Utah and Arizona and back home again. Don't forget to get in your entry for our Mileage Madness game. The deadline is October 31st. And, a prize is involved and an announcement of your name and your astute guess.

Who knows how long until we are road trippin' again but if you have any suggestions for us on how to improve our posts or our photos, please feel free to let the old buzzards know.

A likely candidate for our next major road trip is to New Orleans, Louisiana and the south Louisiana bayou country.

No photos from this heavy travel day.

Today's Teabag Philosophy is from Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger: “Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something.” (Pancho Villa, last words 1877 – 1923)

Happy trails!

John's NOT randomly selected Pot-Shot prettly well sums up travel.

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