Sunday, October 17, 2010

Utah Road Trip - Day 11

Today started as a green tea day for Linda. A cup of green tea with honey and then she had a bath with Big Oak green tea soap and shampoo. And she is wearing green. How very coordinated!
We lounged around, had breakfast at Smitty's, restocked our cooler at City Market and pulled out of Moab at 10:08 in 60 degree temperature, headed for Blanding, Utah. Along the way we saw Wilson Arch on highway 191 and 3 very colorful mountains in the Manti-La Sal National Forest that were at 10 and 11 thousand feet elevation. We passed Devil's Canyon (also in that same forest) and soon were at the very small town of Blanding, Utah. We checked in to the Gateway Inn around 12:30 and went back around the corner to a shop whose signs said they had ice cream, bakery items, pretzels and homemade cinnamon rolls. They only had cinnamon rolls so John got one for his lunch and Linda had the rest of her veggie pizza from night before last.

John and Fannie Mae napped this afternoon and Linda read some more of her "Pie" mystery book. Then it was time for a romp in the park down the way. Fannie got some well-needed exercise chasing her monkey on a string. She seems to be getting faster and stronger every day.

We had dinner at the Homestead Steak House. Linda had soup and salad bar and John had a chicken fried steak. Linda heard the waitress back in the kitchen asking who made the biscuits. About 5 minutes later she brought us a little basket with 2 biscuits and some jam. They were not good biscuits but we both had too much food on our plates and did not care. It did seem funny that there was a table tent announcing that it is National Biscuit Month. To enter the contest you can go to

Only 12 photos in today's gallery, but they take you from Moab, UT to Blanding, UT. You can see them by clicking here.

Today's teabag wisdom is from Celestial Seasonings Honey Lemon Ginsing Green Tea: "With her enduring strength and unrivaled perserverance, the horse demonstrates to us that even the heaviest of burdens can be carried with grace."

John's Pot-Shot once again selected from Ashleigh Brilliant's collection of 10,000.

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