Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 5 - Off to Prescott, AZ

[Holbrook, AZ to Prescott, AZ] Greetings Earthlings! We had a lovely breakfast at Ramada Inn, Holbrook, AZ before blogging for a while. Had to get caught up with yesterday's activities. We did manage to comply with checkout time.Then we packed up and headed out of town.

On our way out we first stopped for gas at Williams gas station. This is now a no brand station, but is pretty unique. First of all, it's a pump before pay gas station. Second, they still use those old style pumps (one octane per pump) where you take out the nozzle, then move a lever across where the nozzle used to be. John keeps thinking how much fun it would be to watch a 17 year old teeny bopper pull into that station for the first time and try to pump gas. Linda observed a still operational Boraxo hand soap dispenser in the ladie's restroom.

At the Dairy Queen (DQ) next door to the gas station, they were kind enough to have named Linda as the Buzzard of the Month. We even have photographic evidence of this in today's gallery.

Next, we went past the dinosaurs and petrified rock store, turned right onto Bucket of Blood Street, made a turn or two more before finding the ruins of the Rancho Motel, built in 1888. After taking a few photos, with the help of Wilma's directional compass, we found the NW corner and Linda made her way to the Get Your Kicks on Route 66 letterbox. It was an excellent find - a good hiding place, an amazing hand-carved stamp in a well-camouflaged container with a very cute logbook. We have photos of all this in today's gallery. If you'd like to learn more about this strangly addicting hobby, click here. Once you come up with a trail name you can do searches for letterboxes in your area (or any areas). There are lots of letterboxes in Morgan Hill and Gilroy. Linda's trail name is Purple Bicycle.

Our drive to Prescott was scenic and included coming upon a recently overturned semi-truck that had dumped bales of green hay for several hundred yards before coming to a stop. Now, we're going to start something we may wish we hadn't... here goes.... "My truck turned over and I dumped all of my hay onto the Interstate", Tom said balefully.

Since all the rest areas are closed we stopped at a Vista Point to take some photos. We were the only ones there, so Linda decided to get even with the State of Arizona and water their plants at the Vista Point. Just before rising from behind the shrub to pull up her accouterments, two other vehicles pulled into the parking area. That was probably not the "vista" they were expecting.

We stopped at Camp Verde for lunch and frequented another Denny's. Linda had Chicken Noodle Soup and John had BFL (breakfast for lunch), a meat lover's omlette. While at Denny's, we learned that the lovely low clouds or fog John photographed was actually smoke from a fire. We could smell it in the air when we left Camp Verde.

Upon coming into Prescott we discovered that the Comfort Inn where we had reservations was in the midst of lots of Ponderosa pines, some distance out of town, but not enough to be inconvenient.

And just how do we entertain ourselves and each other during these long drives? Well, you can only say so much about the beautiful scenery before you start repeating yourself. But, sometimes, things bear repeating. Especially if you have photos to prove it.

And, here's something to try. If you have Google Earth on your computer, fire it up and go to Chinle, AZ. You can get some dazzling views of Canyon de Chelly and Canyon del Muerto.

Tomorrow morning after breakfast, we'll spend some time sightseeing in Prescott (probably a lot downtown as they have very nice square). Then we'll be off to visit Linda's sister, Gloria and her son Gordon. We'll do some sightseeing there, but fair warning that it could get a bit slim for a few days. For certain not 155 photos. By the way, only sixteen today, and those include all three of the panoramas that John has taken so far.

To view today's photo gallery, click here.

Sleep well!

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