Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 9 - Paradise Valley, AZ

[Paradise Valley, AZ] Last night, while Linda and Gloria were off partying, John had some popcorn for dinner. Maggie was feeling good enough to try to catch popcorn thrown her way in the air. She caught several. This is a good sign.

Leisurely breakfast this morning and then worked on Botanical Garden photos and Gloria's software until about noon. The arrangement was that Bill would call after church and we would meet him at Pancho's Mexican Buffet. Gloria had never been before and the buzzards were good for another trip. So, off we went.

Got there about the same time as Bill and headed through the line. I think it was even better than when we arrived on Thursday. There are a couple of photos of us at Pancho's. Nothing much, but it does prove we were there. Bill is a former pastor, but we think he could have been a comedian. He currently volunteers two days a week at a local hospital and teaches a Sunday School class for people ready to meet Jesus. His students are in their 70's and 80's. We really enjoyed the time we spent with Bill. He took that long walk at the Botanical Gardens as good as John and John is a few years younger.

John took it easy the rest of the day and just had a chicken sandwich for dinner. John is becoming a fan of the Costco canned chicken. Makes great sandwiches, especially when shredded. Linda and Gloria went shopping. Linda wanted to go by Sally's Beauty Supply and purchase a "better" hair dryer using Gloria's discount. Smart shopping!

As we were getting ready for bed, Linda was checking over Maggie and noticed a pretty large lump on her neck at one place she had been bitten. Also, Maggie had a bad smell about her. Infection, or just gas?

Since we are leaving for Gila Bend in the morning, we decided to go ahead and load our stuff into the van tonight, get up at six and be back at the veterinarian's office before 7:00a.m. We want to get Maggie a "check up" before leaving town.

Just a few pictures in today's gallery which you can get to by clicking here.

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