Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 11 - Scottsdale, AZ

[Scottsdale, AZ] Ah, Tuesday in Scottsdale with not much to do. What a great day just to relax and commune with the computer and the dog.

Linda went shopping today. Found a couple of cute blouses (both are mostly purple.... her color - Linda here: actually there were 3 but John must have lost interest after the first 2). Linda also wanted to take a look at a Crocs store since she had never been to a Crocs except online. While she was there she had the thought that that was the most ugly shoes she had ever seen in one place. She tried on some with the warm cozy insides but they weren't right for her so she escaped unscathed. John took naps with Maggie.

We had lunch in our room. Tasty and saves money. Linda had her leftover falafel from last night. Following our afternoon nap, we had dinner at a nearby family restaurant. They had a nice ground sirloin steak (you'll recall that's one of John's favorites) and a broiled salmon dish that Linda really enjoyed. An apple cinnamon muffin a'la mode came with John's dinner and we split it between us. Yummy! And then the server said "How about a free piece of pumpkin pie?" We thought that as a scientific experiment we should taste it (since we had never tasted their version) so she brought a little in a tiny cup. It was good.

Part of our discussion at dinner was about continuing our road trip through San Diego. The logic went like this. We'd drive to San Diego tomorrow (assuming the vet says it's OK). Next day is Thanksgiving. Not much to do but find a place for Thanksgiving dinner. Friday we'd attempt the zoo and we understand that is a massive undertaking. Couldn't take Maggie to the zoo and wouldn't want to leave her cooped up in the room all day long. Saturday, drive home.

So, after the vet visit tomorrow, we'll get our complimentary breakfast, load up, check out and head home, cutting this road trip a bit short. Remember, you have to be flexible if you're going to be a road tripper. And, speaking of that, this once again changes our itinerary. The new (and final) itinerary for the Mileage Madness Game has been posted and you can get it by clicking here. Don't forget, there's a real nice prize and you have until midnight November 27, 2009 to email your entry.

Don't know where we'll stop tomorrow evening, but we'll drive until we're ready to rest and then find a place. Many motels will likely be empty on Thanksgiving eve.

Rest well.

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