Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Orleans Road Trip - Day 25

The old buzzards took their time getting up today since they did not have a long drive home. After a Bright Side breakfast, we left Bakersfield at 8:01. Our stays a La Quinta have been consistently good experiences. Well, there was that one incident where John got chatted-up and panhandled. We are considering giving them a chance to be a sponsor for our next road trip. We learned what La Quinta means from one of our River Taxi drivers in San Antonio. And it is not “Next to Denny's”. Would the buzzards sell out? No, never, unless the price was right.

We took Roseville Road to I-5 and then got off briefly at Buttonwillow for mocha and chai at Starbucks. That's our second most frequented Starbucks in the chain. Back onto I-5 which is not always (try NEVER) the most scenic of California byways. But the weather was great and the traffic not bad and we were headed home. We passed by cotton being harvested. There were lots of orchards and vineyards along the way. One group of trees looked like they might be loaded with pomegranates but it was hard to tell.

After changing off driving duties a couple of times we were to the turn off of I-5 onto Highway 152. When we get that close we are almost home and it feels like it. We were hoping that the hills would have turned green by our return but there is just a tinge of green in some places. The fall colors of the trees are pretty. We don't have anything as dramatic as the change of seasons in some other places but we do have lovely weather as compensation. And, as soon as we start getting more of our seasonal rains, the hills will become lovely green mounds, replacing our summer California “gold”.

We came into town on Dunne Avenue so we could drive by the newly moved Honda dealership (from Gilroy to Morgan Hill into the old Chevy place). Wilma needs a mani-pedi (oil change and tire rotation) next week after going x,xxx miles (Hah, thougbht you'd get a Mileage Madness clue right there, didn't you)? Next we stopped at the Post Office to retrieve our mail in one of those BIG USPS buckets. Then we did a survey of the Crawfish House to see if they were open yet. The paper was off the inside of the windows, there were 2 cars there and a menu taped to the front door. Linda got out to look at the menu and a lady opened the door and gave her a take out menu. When Linda asked when the opening would be she said “In a couple of weeks”. That answer seems pretty funny since that is the same thing Linda was told in May by one of the construction workers. The menu does not look that encouraging. No gumbo and most entree items have their prices stated as "Market Price". John's comment was "The menu has a rot of items served with lice." But we will give it a try if and when they ever do a couple of weeks, months, years...

The next two stops were to Safeway (for a few basics) and to Tacos Choice (for lunch to take home). We came home and partially unpacked, sorted the mail, got the heater going, blogged some and caught up on a few Survivor episodes. We did unpack the van and put things where we can redistribute them into their normal places at home.

Fannie Mae seems especially glad to be home. She has been romping with her cow and some other toys.

John's brief road trip calorie report: Consumed 53,801 calories (14,424 under budget) resulting in a loss of 4.8 pounds on the road trip. And, he was NEVER hungry and got to eat the foods he enjoys.

Linda's favorite sign of the day was just after passing the San Martin exit. Soon there was a sign that said Morgan Hill. We both noticed that it is very faded but it does say Morgan Hill. There is something that feels real good about coming home.

Here's hoping that we will have a lot of entrants into our Mileage Madness Contest. Got some really cool prizes. John will be sending out the rules and a notice of the entry deadline.

Here is a "Two Minute Medly" of songs by Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole and Willie Nelson that sort of fit our road trips, and especially this most recent one. Just click here to play it.

We are thankful to have had such a wonderful Road Trip and to be home safe and sound. Special thanks to you for riding along with us and we hope you enjoyed your armchair travels. The four of us (Linda, John, Fannie Mae and Wilma) wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration next week.

Happy trails! We hope to be at it again by next summer!

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