Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Orleans Road Trip - Day 10

Alarm at 7:00 followed by another Bright Side breakfast at La Quinta in Metairie. Afterward, we rode buses and streetcars to get to the French Quarter. Got off the Canal St. streetcar at Carondolet and switched to the St. Charles streetcar line.  We rode that streetcar to the end of its line (and back) just to see a part of New Orlean's Garden District which we had not been to before.  We went past many beautiful homes, 2 colleges (Loyola and Tulane) and the Audubon Park and Zoo. People watching was an interesting part of the rides. Some accents are so thick that you can only get a phrase or a word every so often. Linda  overheard someone use the phrase “my baby daddy” in a conversation at a bus stop.

We got back to the French Quarter around 11:30 and took off to look for a public restroom. Linda saw a symbol that indicated restroom and when she walked in she was surprised to see urinals.  It was a unisex bathroom which was what the sign was indicating. Oh, well, it was no time to be picky so she quickly conducted her business and went outside to meet John, well another John besides the john she had just seen.

The next stop was the Central Grocery Store for a muffuletta sandwich for lunch. John waited in line to order while Linda found the drink machine in the back and got them each a Diet Dr. Pepper. Muffulettas are huge. A whole muffuletta is cut into fourths. We got a half of a muffuletta and it is cut into two pieces. Bothe pieces are the size of a regular sandwich. The two old buzzards had lunch outside in a public area where there were some nice picnic tables.

After lunch Linda went in search of some souvenir socks and had no luck in the 6 stores she had time to go into. It seems that socks are not in season in New Orleans at this time of year. As she made her way to where John was waiting she glanced over at the Central Grocery Store and the line to buy muffulettas was out the door and down the sidewalk. Made the buzzards' timing seem pretty good.

On the way back we caught all the correct streetcars and buses. The outbound Canal Street streetcar we ride goes to the cemetaries, as mentioned in a previous posting. John though it humorous that as the streetcar operator pulls up to the cemetaries, he calls out "end of the line". Rather poetic, isn't it?

After we got back into our room just after 3:00 p.m. and begged Fannie Mae's forgiveness for leaving her for six hours (she said, "It's OK. I napped"), we loaded her into the car and took her with us to the local Cafe du Monde here in Metairie on the way to the Bark Park (that's the name on the rules at the gate). We (not Fannie) had some chicory coffee and beignets. The beignets were just out of the fryer and were piping hot, smothered in confectioner's sugar and absolutely marvelous. At 176 calories each, John devoured two and Linda had the third. Remember, they come in three's.

At the dog park, Fannie remembered the agility trick she learned yesterday (jumping over a short bar) so todya we raised the bar and she jumped over it lots of times with just a little encouragement (Linda rattled some crumpled up plastic on the far side of the bars). John was trying to get a shot of her jumping over and it took several tries before he got her in the air. Fannie's fanny going over the bar is in today's photo gallery. She met several new doggie friends and got reacquainted with 2 dogs who were there yesterday. There was a miniature Australian shepherd (Millie) who was just her size and they had fun tumbling and running.

Dinner tonight was at the Acme Oyster House.  John had iced tea, a seafood salad and a half-dozen raw oysters. The seafood salad had grilled shrimp and crab claws and lump crabmeat. He really enjoyed it. Linda had a cup of gumbo, sweet potato fries and a Purple Haze beer. Linda gave the gumbo a rating of 8.  John and  Linda shared a pecan cobbler. It was really more like warm pecan pie filling served over vanilla ice cream. Very tasty. Everything was quite good and our server took excellent care of us.

The funniest sign Linda saw today was neon.  It was the shape of Louisiana and said “Did Dat” which means the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl in 2010.  There is obviously a lot of team spirit all over the state for the Saints.  The funniest business name was Out of Bounds Sports Bar. Both these were seen from our seats on public transportation.

John saw a sign today on Igor's, a cafe on St. Charles Avenue. On the edge of the awning it read, "Igor's - Gourmet Hamburgers - Game Room - Pizza - Laundromat". At Igor's you can do your laundry while you eat a gourmet burger. How much better can life actually get?

John's funny sign from yesterday was the "Demo Diva" dump truck. We went be this evening and took a photo of the truck, the excavator and the construction bin. These are included in today's photo gallery which you can view by clicking here.

Calorie report today...even after all the great food (especially those two beignets) we had is 604 under budget.

May your team win their next game.

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