Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 14 - Palm Springs, CA - Bakersfield, CA

Somewhere around 7:44 AM on Saturday morning, June 4, we left to go to Bakersfield, CA and spend the night on our way home to Morgan Hill.

We stopped in Yucaipa, CA to get a Starbucks and are back on the road.

Next stop was at a Burger King in Santa Clarita where all three of us could use the restroom. They had a very nice green, grassy area for Fanny to use the potty. Which she did. We didn't make a purchase, but don't feel guilty as we have frequented many Burger Kings.

Arrived at our motel, another Rodeway Inn about 30 miles north of Bakersfield, around noon. They had a room ready, so we were able to check in and start working on the travelogue.

The Chevron and Shell gasoline stations out here around the motel are really expensive. The gas is about $4.99. I guess if they have you captive, they can pretty much ask what they want. As we found at the IHOP next day at breakfast.

We had decided to find a Red Lobster restaurant in Bakersfield for dinner. Also thought we could probably find gasoline for quite a bit less in Bakersfield than out on the Interstate. Red Lobster was great. John had wood-fired grilled lobster tail, shrimp and scallops. Linda had a lobster pizza. Both were really delicious.

We found a gasoline station in Bakersfield and bought gas for $3.89 instead of $4.99. It was worth the drive into Bakersfield. And, besides, we had a superb dinner!

You can see the few pictures in the photo gallery by clicking here.

And, here is one video clip:
Wind Turbine Power Generation in Yucca Valley

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