Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 11 - Tucson, AZ to El Centro, CA

We left our motel in Tucson at 9:07 AM. The current temperature here is 89°.

We had wanted to get some dates in Indio on our trip out, but our timing was bad with the hours of the date stand. So, we stopped in Dateland, AZ. Linda shopped for and bought bags of four different kinds of dates. What fun to taste different dates.  There were about 6 different kinds to taste and they were each a little different. Linda liked them all so it was just a matter of choosing which bags she could get to total the amount of money in her pocket.  The total came to $24.75 and she had to go back to the van for $1.75. One bag even had pitted dates in it. Linda intended to make date shakes at home with these but they are so good they may not make it to Morgan Hill.  When she got back to the car, she exclaimed, "Dates.... nature's candy"! Just west of Dateland on Interstate 8, we found an Arizona rest area that was closed. How unusual!

We stopped at Mc Donald's in Gila Bend in order to take a bathroom break and change drivers.

A stop at a Barney's just east of Yuma let us fill up with gas for $3.67.9 per gallon. We rearranged and hid all but one bag of the dates in order to go through the California agricultural checkpoint. We just weren't sure if dates would be considered "contraband". Then we went to Jack-in-the-Box to grab a bite for lunch.

Fannie Mae is continuing to be a great road tripping buddy. She rides up with Linda when John is driving and in her crate when John is driving. He doesn't have as much of a lap as Linda does. And at night, her special treat while on Road Trips is to sleep with us on the bed instead of her crate. She really knows the meaning of cozying up. She had her nose in Linda's ear one night and Linda could hear every breath which was sort of fun.

Arriving at the agricultural checkpoint, John held up an orange from our breakfast at the Comfort Inn and ONE open bag of our dates. He told the inspector that the orange came from the Comfort Inn in Tucson and the dates from Dateland, AZ. The inspector said only the citrus was not allowed. He offered to let us pull over and eat it, or he could throw it away. I hope his family enjoyed our orange that evening.

We stopped and took some photographs at Imperial Dunes, just inside California on Interstate 8 coming from Arizona. It apparently is, or was, a State Park. However, the Border Patrol has taken over the Park Ranger station. We just drove right in and positioned ourselves to take the photos. No problem.

Made it to El Centro and the Rodeway Inn at 3:15 PM. One Border Patrol checkpoint along the way. After checking in and unloading all of our belongings. we got busy setting up both of our laptops. Linda discovered the bathroom sink would not drain. The motel desk clerk wanted to move us to another room. We explained that we had already invested a lot of time in setting up our equipment. Housekeeping and motel staff came to the room and attempted to fix the problem, which they blamed on the room behind ours. The motel desk clerk kept insisting that we move next door, she even offered to carry all of our things next door for us. She kept insisting we move and we had to finally tell her "no" in no uncertain terms to get her to shut up. Brushing your teeth and spitting into the toilet and cleaning your toothbrush over the toilet from a glass of water is not that difficult. The tub/shower worked fine, as did the commode. It almost seemed like she was trying to do what was easier for her than what worked best for us. Her name was Melinda. Don't stay there. The first time she came in to our room to "help" us she said that we hadn't told them that we had a pet. Total lie! We always disclose our Fannie as one of the 1st bits of information after we tell them we are senior citizens. She went back to check on that and we never heard another mention of it.

We worked on the travelogue, then went out to eat.

We had dinner at one of our favorite places, IHOP. Linda had her favorite talapia with Hollandaise. John had his favorite breakfast for dinner: bacon, eggs and pancakes and fruit (instead of hashbrowns).

To see the photos in today's photo gallery click here.

No videos for today. So, goodnight one and all.

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