Sunday, April 11, 2010

Senior Center Video Premiere and new link

Well, the "premiere" showing of the video took place on April 9, 201o at the Senior Cafe just before lunch was served. It was fun for Linda and John to watch the seniors watch the video. They really liked it.

John had three photos in the Morgan Hill Photography Club show at the Morgan Hill Community Cultural Center and had to take them down on 4/9. We saw a fellow MHPC member there, Marty Cheek, who has been doing video's for Morgan Hill Access TV and posting them on the web. He clued John in to another online video site,, which has not limit on video length, just file size. So, we have re-encoded the video and posted it on People can now watch it in its entirety.

John is now preparing a form of the DVD with no menu on it. This will be given to Morgan Hill Access TV so it can be played on our local cable channel (19). Unfortunately, we won't be able to view it there as we're on satellite and not cable.

Early this morning, John had the brilliant idea (in a dream last night) to send a message to the photo club's Yahoo Group about the video and including the new, improved, link. After all, many of our photo club members "qualify" as seniors! So far we've received two responses, both very positive.

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