Sunday, April 4, 2010

Senior Center Video Post

Well, we have finally finished our Senior Center video project. It's been a work in process since January of this year. It's now ready for distribution on DVD and John broke it into 3 parts, each less than 10 minutes as that is a YouTube requirement, and uploaded it to You Tube.

The best part about producing this video was getting to meet more seniors and learn more about them. Example: You'll find a photo of a young woman with a gun in one hand and a stick with a dead rattlesnake in the other. She wasn't on a rattlesnake hunt. She was going to the potty behind a bush when she heard the rattler..... so she shot it! There are some great stories.

Our goal for the video was to document the programs (nutrition, enrichment, fitness, entertainment and support services) offered by the Senior Center as well as interview several seniors. We're very lucky in Morgan Hill to have such a wonderful place for older adults. The purpose of the video is to garner financial and in-kind support for the Senior Center as well as recruit new seniors.

A local singer / songwriter, Frank Dicker, Sr., really came through when we asked him to write and perform a song for the video. It is used in the segment on fitness programs and is called "Meet Me at the Rec". You can learn more about Frank at Frank's web site.

Our good friends from designfactory graphics, Bob Snow and Renee Roberts, volunteered to design the DVD label and case insert for us. It's so nice to have such great friends and this was for a really good cause.

I had put YouTube links here, but found that I could put the entire video in one link on The new link has been posted in the post for 4/11/2010.

The video is available in one piece on the DVD which you can get at the Morgan Hill Centennial Recreation Senior Center, 171 W. Edmundson Ave in Morgan Hill.

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