Friday, October 30, 2009

A Yard Full of Changes

Today the landscapers finished making parts of our yard require less water and work for maintenance. Watch the video below, then read on.....

What got taken out was the small area of lawn in the front yard and an irregular piece of lawn in the back yard. The only lawn area left to water and mow is one area in the back yard that is about 20 feet by 18 feet. That area had been larger by about 6 feet by 18 feet. The lawn area that was replaced now has weed block with shredded redwood bark on top of it. The plants are on a new drip system and get watered 5 minutes a day. Once the winter rains start that can be turned off. The other big change is that the very large liquidamber tree in the front yard has been removed. It had gotten way too big for where it was. A pine (front yard) and 2 volunteer mimosas (back yard) were also taken out.

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