Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 10 - Lakehead, CA to Morgan Hill, CA

[Monday, Lakehead, CA to Morgan Hill, CA] We can report today that one cannot get anything they want at Allyson's Restaurant in Lakehead, CA. In fact, one couldn't get anything at all since the restaurant was closed. However, a quick swivel of the head to the left and we found what could best be described as a sportsman's bar and grill, the Basshole. It was open!!

We entered and found one patron playing with himself. Pool, that is. He was winning. And losing. Our waitress invited us to set anywhere we wanted. Linda checked out the specials. She got fish tacos (talapia) and John ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. His mistake was to get the full order. Leftover spaghetti, anyone? The food was good and we had a nice chat with our waitress while waiting for it. Found out her daughter is attending Humboldt State University where Jay went to school.

Got a good night's rest and went to breakfast back at the Shasta Camp Coffee Company where John had grabbed a Mocha the day before. These are the folks from Watsonville. After Allyson let us down the night before, she didn't deserve us! John had eggs, bacon, orange juice, hash browns and biscuits. Linda had an English muffin and orange juice. Her Raw Bits were all packed up already for the trip home.

Back to Lakehead Lodge to pack and load. Left about 9:37a.m. and stopped back by the Shasta Camp Coffee Company to get John a Mocha for the road.

Wilma's navigation system reported that we had 288 miles to go to get home. We attempted to make a pit stop at a Rest Area.... closed! California government is certainly outdone by Oregon in the rest stop area! We finally stopped at Corning, CA and visited the Olive Pit for a pit stop! How appropriate. Got some gifts for our neighbors who have been gathering our mail.

Further down the road, at Williams, Linda took over the driving. She drove to Danville. We stopped at a Carl's Junior in Fremont for another "rest" and some lunch. Burger for John. Salad for Linda. Then on to Morgan Hill.

All in all, the traffic was very light. The weather was overcast, so no bright sun to deal with. We made a quick stop at Nob Hill for milk and bread then pulled in the driveway at somewhere near 3:09p.m. after a trip of 1,289.8 miles. We unloaded Wilma. It will take a day or so to recover and unpack. Please, no sympathy cards are necessary (or expected).

We did follow through on our commitment... no TV in the motel room and no radio on the highway. It's very peaceful and relaxing and, of all things, we get to talk.

It was a wonderful trip. Over 520 photographs and lots of memories.

We're planning our next road trip for mid-November. Part of that trip will be to visit Linda's sister, Gloria, and her nephew, Gordon, in Phoenix. Weather permitting, we'll visit the Petrified Forest, Organ Pipe Cactus National Park, San Diego Zoo and other things along the way. John has to phone in the weekend before November 2nd for jury duty. Hopefully, it won't conflict with mid-November.

See you then!

We hope you enjoyed going along with us.

Here's the Raw Bits Twang Twang recipe for those who are interested: 2 T ground flax seed, 3/4 cup wheat bran, 1/3 cup powdered milk, 1/4 cup chopped dried fruits. Add 1 cup water 10 to 20 minutes before eating. You can add sliced banana too if available. Enjoy! Wheat bran is available in the food bins at Nob Hill and at some fruit stands. John says, "If you eat this for breakfast every day, you will no longer be unique. You'll just be a regular guy or gal!"

No photo gallery for day 10.

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