Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fannie Mae at Thirteen Weeks

This past week, Fannie Mae got her 12 week vet checkup and innoculations. She received an excellent report. We asked Dr. Rick when we could get her groomed. He said, "Any time".

So, here is how she looked before going to the groomer.....

We took her to Le Pooch Grooming here in Morgan Hill on the recommendation of a member of the Northern California Miniature Schnauzer Club. She said one of the groomers, Julio, breeds Miniature Schnauzers and does an excellent job grooming them. Of course, Fannie Mae is a pet and we don't really need "competition" grooming. Julio did a great job. In fact, when we picked Fannie up and they brought her out, John said, "See, I told you she was a Schnauzer!" Here she is in her Schnauzer cut.....

We have a little stuffed monkey (sorry, Isaac) on the end of a string tied to a 4 foot dowel rod. We twirl it around and she just loves to chase her monkey. We made a 42 second video of Fannie and her monkey that you can watch by clicking here.

There are some photos of Fannie Mae at 13 weeks (before and after grooming) in a gallery that you can access by clicking here.

Tomorrow, we're taking Fannie Mae to meet Betsy, a young poodle that belongs to a friend. More socialization. We'll try to take some pictures of their interaction.

Then, John is taking Fannie Mae to a Blessing of the Animals at the local Lutheran church on October 3. Another photo op.

Linda's friend, Kathy, sent Fannie Mae a nifty "Dog a Roo" carrier and a squeeze toy. There's a picture of this neat carrier in the photo gallery. Fannie says "Thanks!".

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