Monday, August 9, 2010

Adding Joy to Your Life

When John picked Linda up at the San Jose airport after her visit to Texas, she started tearing up a bit when she got in the car. Normally, Maggie Mae would have been with John. It's funny how the house can feen so much more empty than before.

We had talked on the phone while she was in Texas and both agreed that some day we should have another dog. And, we agreed that the dog would be a female, miniature Schnauzer, Salt and Pepper colored with uncropped ears and a docked tail. We weren't ready to talk about when.

John had been thinking about right after our next road trip in October, or just after the first of next year. One evening, he broached the subject with Linda and shared his thoughts. Linda had already been looking a mini-Schnauzer breeder sites. John said he would understand if Linda wanted to wait a while. Her reply, "Why postpone adding something to your life that brings you joy?"

Linda found the name and contact information of a lady in the Northern California Miniature Schnauzer Club whose job is to refer people to reputable breeders. Linda contacted her and got the name of a breeder in Northern California. She called the breeder who had two litters of pups (4 male and 7 female) from two moms. They were born on the Fourth of July. This breeder also participates in dog shows, so he will be keeping from two to four of the females. John called again today and spoke with him. All eleven of the pups at four weeks of age are shown in the photo below, and we have no idea which one would become "our" dog:

One of our concerns was our upcoming road trip. Should we try to take a puppy on this adventure. We dropped by our vet's office today and found out that it would be great for the puppy to go on the adventure with us. When John spoke to the breeder today, the breeder told him that he takes the puppies in his motor home and that he also crate trains the pups.

So, this afternoon we have mailed our deposit check to the breeder. It will be somewhere between three and six weeks before we can pick up our puppy. Then, we'll still have plenty of time to take her by the vet before we head out on the road trip.

Since we received Maggie Mae as an adult, we have to study about raising a puppy. John ordered two books for us to start learning.

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