Monday, May 31, 2010

Twain Harte Road Trip - Day 04 - Memorial Day

After a leisurely breakfast in their room (Wheat Shredded and Raw Bits Twain Twain) the 2 old buzzards had coffee at Alicia's Sugar Shack. Then it was off to Twain Harte Grocery for cow juice and a honey bear. Twain Harte has an annual Memorial Day Parade ending with a ceremony at the Twain Harte arch. The parade goes all through downtown and takes about 7 minutes. Downtown is only about 2 blocks long. The parade and ceremony were both very touching. The special honorees this year were World War I Veterans. There was a flag by the arch at half mast that has been flown by the town for one year. It was raised then lowered and given to the family of a service person who had lost their life. As the flag was folded the story about the meaning of each of the 12 folds was given. The young lady who led the group in the Star Spangled Banner was singing it for the 9th year in a row. She is graduating from high school this year and said she will be back to sing it again next year. The boy scouts gave out small flags to everyone before the parade started. There were lots of dogs, all very well behaved. One was even pimped out as a politician for her owner who is running for county supervisor. You will see Gretchen in the photo gallery. All in all, it was a very nice event. Eventually, we will have a video of the parade and ceremony posted.

After the parade we went to the library so that John could upload video from day two. We sat in the car (library was closed). Our WIFI at The Hideaway is iffy at times (1 bar) and the library's always seems to be 5 bars.

Then it was home for our lunch of leftovers from Chinese and Linda's salmon.

Our afternoon adventure was to an apple ranch about 7 miles from Twain Harte that is owned and operated by a religious sect (I think they are called Anabaptists). Their appearance is a lot like Amish folks (but they use powered farm machinery!). They have an apple orchard and raise some other crops. Their apple pies and pastries are famous in this area. Everyone knows about Cover's (pronounced Cove urs). We got an apple pie to go that was just coming out of the oven and a basket of strawberries. Then it was back to The Hideaway for naps and a walk.

For dinner we tried a place that has been catching John's eye for quite a while: Jeb's Waffles and Ribs

Linda's theory was that he was a home cook whose specialties were waffles and ribs and he crazily thought he should share them with the world and thus opened a restaurant. It sounds like such a wacky combination that John asked the server about it as soon as we were seated. She told us that the owner is a crazy 92-year-old (her words) who has a lot of restaurants. It is actually now named Jeb's Country Cooking but they have never changed the sign. John had a blueberry waffle and Linda had a chef's salad. Both were very good. The decor was heavy on bears and deer and old signs. Very cute. Reminded us a lot of a Black Bear Diner. "We get that a lot" said the server.

Linda is thankful for lupines (called bluebonnets in Texas), patriotic folks and senior menus (great discounts). John is thankful for all those that have served and are serving to keep us free. He is thankful for the Twain Harte Branch Library wi-fi and for the talented hands that made such a delicious apple pie!

The Day Two video has been uploaded and there is a link to it at the very end of the Day Two travelogue.

View today's photo gallery by clicking here.

The video for today was added on 6/5/2010 and can be watched by clicking here.

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